Kate Evans

Owner & CEO

kateevansprofpicKate Evans, Founder and CEO of Your Social Status, LLC. She has built this business from the ground up, using her passion for social media and

Growing up in Miamisburg, Kate attended Alter High School and earned a Bachelor’s Degree from Wright State University. Her degree was Science in Organizational Leadership, but her minor in marketing sparked in interest in the social media field when working for Towne Properties after graduating. She noticed a lack of marketing in the social media aspect for the company, and began to spearhead this for all of their apartment communities.

Kate ran Your Social Status as a single consultant while also contracting with 3M and Aveda. After moving several times across the country for contracting jobs (including stints in Texas and Florida), Kate decided to open her own social media marketing business in her hometown.

This presented a challenge. The contract work would have to be dropped in order to make Your Social Status a full time career. Without any income from contracting on the side, she formed an LLC that she wanted to build to help local companies. Her client base has grown, and she had added several employees to her lineup in the past four years.

Your Social Status continues to grow, while Kate continues to host training courses for business owners locally and online, writing for magazines, and speaking at national conferences. She remains local, as she has married a fellow Alter graduate, Chris Evans, and is expecting her first baby boy.

Kate enjoys her membership with WiBN, and wants to be an example for young women who want to be in business. She keeps this in mind when she hires, mentors, and works with other professionals. She credits her Dad for mentoring her, and hold close her relationships with her and her husband’s families.

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